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What are best practices when setting up email addresses?
3 points by SamValYlieRcHE2 45 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Email addresses can get out of hand over time. What are best practices when it comes to setting personal or professional email addresses.

If you give out your professional email publicly like on business cards, expect spam arriving within 2-3 days since people will have you in their contact list and if they're hacked or caught up in chain-mail then you will be BCC'd into that chain mail or otherwise have your email in the hands of spammers.

For personal accounts, I've heard great things about SimpleLogin[0], AnonAddy[1], and Firefox Relay[2] to tackle spam. It's also worth having both a ProtonMail account & a Tutanota account if email privacy is a concern. Many services scan your email to target you with ADs, like Yahoo & Gmail, so avoid those if you can.

[0] https://simplelogin.io/

[1] https://anonaddy.com/

[2] https://relay.firefox.com/

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