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Show HN: A CLI to kick-start any language
28 points by kamrani 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 22 comments
I'm working on a CLI that helps you create the boilerplate of your project in multiple languages and frameworks.

In case of front-end frameworks/libraries, with cli you'll be able to create the project, set up git on your local, add the UI-framework, testing framework, and linting, and in the future releases you'll be able to even add pre-designed components.

The CLI currently supports React, Angular, Vue, Svelte and Node.js will be released today. Also soon, you'll be able to deploy your applications to AWS with a single command.

Appreciate your feedbacks and all the contributions are welcome.


How is this different from the current boilerplate tools (e.g., cookiecutter (python), vue create, Create React App, etc.)?

Additionally, "deploy to AWS" is somewhat vague. Deploy as a lambda function? Static site? Ec2 instance? With(out) a DB?

Great questions. Q)"How is this different from the current boilerplate tools" A) This tool will do more than creating the boilerplate. For example, in case of UI frameworks, it'll give you different components based on different design-systems which will be available on Figma.

Also, this tool will act as a superset of all those tools. I'm using the most popular CLI for each language/framework, if there is one available, to keep it as close as possible to developers who're perhaps already using those CLIs. I don't want to change anyones habit, just making people's lives easier.

Q) "Additionally, "deploy to AWS" is somewhat vague. Deploy as a lambda function? Static site? Ec2 instance? With(out) a DB?" A) You'll have different options. As I can detect what options are viable for your project I can give you those options in an interactive session and deploy it based on the scenario you choose.

Thanks for the information. Best of luck on the project :^)

Hi! Good project you have here! What is your main focus for it? Being some kind of uber-generator like http://yeoman.io/ or becoming a hosting platform? Case the latter, is on-premise PaaS in the roadmap?

Hi, appreciate your support.

The goal is to make it really easy to go from idea to URL. So the CLI boosts your speed in kick starting the project and you should be able to deploy it on cloud with a single command.

There will be a platform, that gives you PaaS experience on AWS/Azure/GCP so it speeds up the end to end process.

Interesting project. I've noticed that under "Future Releases", you have support for C# planned, which already has support for its own templates which are installable through NuGet. What does your project change from this?

I'm glad you're interested. I agree that C# has its own templates and CLI, however I'm building on top of the existing tools wherever available.

It means, in some cases my CLI supports things as basic as creating a folder structure (e.g. for GO REST APIs), and in other cases it adds a few missing pieces to the existing tools.

In the next phase, the CLI will simplifies common use-cases such as Database, message queue, sending emails, AWS/Azure related functionalities, etc.

And most importantly, this CLI will be integrated to a platform that simplifies moving your code to cloud, so with a single command you'll host it on AWS/Azure/GCP/DO.

I guess it might be off in general but under HN and saying any language, are you going to add Common Lisp and swift. Sort of doable. Or just do do say “any language”.

Never thought about something like Lisp, but definitely if that's something the community really use, we can definitely support it (at least the community should be able to contribute); it's just a matter of priority.

Those are frameworks, not languages.

Edit: just realized it says and frameworks

Yes, looks like the only language is JS

It's just the very beginning of it. I'm adding different languages/frameworks as soon as I can.

Yup, that's it

Looks really cool, like docker for programmers.

Love the analogy, really love it.

Congrats on the product.

Have you considered supporting Python-based web frameworks? Ie flask, Django, flask api?


Definitely. I've taken an iterative approach to supporting languages/frameworks and adding features. Python will be the next language to support.

I start with a minimal/basic support and in later iterations I keep adding features.

Right on. Good luck!

Great idea! Thanks for making it!

Thanks for your support

do I need npm and node set up to run this CLI. and then use this CLI to setup React?

why can't i just run create-react-app or its equivalents directly using npm?

The idea is to have the bare minimum every developer in that particular category have on their system and just help them boost their productivity with a good jump start and hopefully with the upcoming features during the development.

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