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> in my view > intentionally conflated

I don't think you should have an opinion that people are misrepresenting something maliciously without being able to back it up.

Your interpretation of the term "remote-friendly" is not the common interpretation. They don't need to change how they work. You don't have to work at those places. If you're confusing about what the terms mean _in practice_, talk to people who work at different places and look at job postings and try to infer from usage what the terms mean.

A Google search for "what is a remote friendly job" can also be helpful.

I strongly disagree with the jump from "I'm confused about what a term means" to "People should change what they do to match what I understand they say they do". I don't think you did that intentionally, as it's a common mistake when people are surprised by a term's meaning, but it's still a wrong reaction.

>Your interpretation of the term "remote-friendly" is not the common interpretation.

Maybe on a general level that's not the common interpretation, but in software that's a different story.

You don't expect to join a remote-friendly company for software development and then have to work in a strict time regiment with meetings as one of the default means of communication, for example. Async is implied - at varying degrees - when you apply for a remote-friendly company.

> You don't have to work at those places.

You'll have a hard time finding a job opening where they say "we actually work as a typical office, just remotely". You can probably get that answered when interviewing, but that's not a guarantee by any means.

I've joined multiple companies that were "remote-friendly" and boasted all the flexibility of async work, only to find out it's not quite real.

Could I be unlucky and everyone else has a different experience? Sure. Is it likely though?

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