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I took all lessons yesterday, and completed the problem. I found some UI glitches (% of classes completed), and I think that the UX can be improved by highlighting at any point which lessons/exercises are not done yet - rather than simply highlighting how many are left.

The problems are valuable, and I enjoyed solving them. I think that you might want to show multiple alternatives for solving the same problem - that's one of the cool things about Ruby.

I would love to find something similar to HTML/CSS. I know that codeschool have an HTML5 one, but unfortunately, I need something more basic :)

What are your thoughts on Stanford's Open Classroom HTML courses?

They may not be HTML5, and I have not had a chance to browse codeschool's offerings, but I'd be curious to hear how it compares in complexity to Stanford's lectures.

[*] http://openclassroom.stanford.edu/MainFolder/CoursePage.php?...

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