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I may start a single-product(fruit) online store next year. I'm not a webdev though do have programming bkground. Does your copy books have examples or help to write copy for such websites or is it targetted more towards SaaS products?

Maybe my Qn itself is unreasonable and maybe same principles apply everywhere, in which case do let me know.

Secondly, since my potential usage of this will be sometime in future; when I come down to it, will you be available offline for some clarifications help needed with the material? If my help reqd becomes too much we can even discuss some kind of compensation/consulting for you.

HN Mods/PG: Someone pls tell me how to recover my passwd of a very old account!

Mail pg, he can reset it for you. The email address is not a secret, you can find it easily enough.

I've searched everywhere: here, YC, TC, his personal site - didn't find anywhere. Or maybe my GoogleFoo is just failing me today. Mind sending me on my throwaway ID: forwebsites AT gmail

throwaway because I'm just too embarrassed to expose my stupidity

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