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> I have no connection to the people in Myanmar,

We live in an interconnected world, a world where our governments, through the power of taxes they collect from us, interfere with other governments (e.g. US fucking up other countries for its own benefit). This is parallel (in direction, even if not in extent) to WW2 German citizens paying their taxes. Regardless of how well intentioned they are, they were supporting a regime that caused damage to people in other countries.

I believe we have a duty, as US citizens, to give money to organizations that work on helping people in other countries, at the very least to get them to a state of where they would have been, had we (the US) not fucked them up in the first place. For reference, the western world pillaged so many countries across Africa and South America, that we ought to do a lot more (effective!) philanthropy.

For a fuller treatment, consider reading Thomas Pogge's World Poverty and Human Rights https://www.amazon.com/World-Poverty-Human-Rights-Thomas/dp/...

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