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Wow, jonnathanson, you couldn't be more spot-on! That's unfortunately how I see it ---- the Fortune 500 world forgets that copy can have a huge impact on sales/signups. (On the other hand, Groupon takes writing very seriously... but I haven't heard that they pay very well; I'd be interested to hear how they compensate writers.)

You should do a post on the subject!

Pay is a big issue. Hell, it's probably the primary -- if not sole -- reason why I haven't grown the stones to toss aside my golden[1] corporate shackles and ply a trade I actually love. I flirted with copywriting, be it on a consulting basis, or perhaps in-house at a former employer. But, as we know, a lot of companies just don't take it seriously; that attitude is reflected in the pay scales.

That's why I have a boatload of respect for you and for this project. It's up to writers to differentiate commodity wordsmithing from genuinely powerful work. And it's up to a few daring employers to know the difference, and to demand it. Your startup makes a fairly bold declaration of the importance of an underappreciated skill. And it's positioned well, in a market full of entrepreneurs who are more open to new ideas than most F-500 middle managers would be.

[1] OK, maybe they're only electro-plated. At any rate, they glitter significantly less than Goldman, for instance.

The company I'd like to know about is Woot.com; they need to pay their writers by the truckload. I hit that site every day.

The woot "we got acquired" letter[1] was hilarious.

[1] http://www.woot.com/Blog/ViewEntry.aspx?Id=13390

shortest footnote marker-to-footnote distance ever?

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