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It's a facebook app. It asks your permission to access pretty much everything on your profile and when you finally accept it cuts to a fullscreen, high production video of an incredibly creepy actor on a computer in a really dingy room. It then cuts to the computer screen and shows the creepy guy scrolling through your profile page in a very realistic manner as well as clicking through some of your photo's and friends. The guy looks more and more irritated and angry and he goes and looks up your location on google maps (with mixed results, mine was relatively close).

It then cuts to him driving with a picture of your profile pic stuck to his dashboard, the whole time you get the feeling this guy is tracking you down with the intention of hurting you.

Really creepy and incredibly well done and surprisingly not obvious in terms of what they are promoting.

What are they promoting?

No idea to tell you the truth. This is probably one of those 'build the hype, keep people guessing' campaigns and eventually it will all come out.

There really was nothing in the clip that indicated any form of a product or brand. It could be a movie teaser or a teaser for a TV show and if it is, I for one will watch it.

Whatever it was they should have anticipated the popularity a bit better, they seem to be down/very slow for hours now.


It's extremely creepy -- I watched a video on YouTube rather than sharing my own data, but I can imagine it.

They should consider adding a "trigger" warning, though, so rape survivors and so on can realize they're signing up for something that may be extremely upsetting and has nothing to do with lollipops.

Dunno if they thought about it and don't want to ruin the surprise for people who'll have more expected responses; but it's unfortunately one of those things that's going to be passed around with no more description than "hey check this out it's very educational".

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