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Surprising, because I'd totally forgotten about it and really wanted to see what this was all about (after reading some of the comments here).

So I thought to myself 'ok, this once' knowing I'd be sticking my head out. It took me a minute or two to realize the cause and I thought that was a nice side-effect of solving this at the DNS layer, even when you're momentarily stupid this will still create enough of a barrier that you'll stop to think a bit longer.

I didn't know about the ghostery extension, so thanks to the person that posted that, that's another good solution.

FB has had its use for me (it found a bunch of long lost people), I haven't been back since.

i'm guessing that you actually have a bunch of other sites blocked in your hosts file, as well. on the assumption that you do, do you ever see any network performance issues related to this? i used to maintain a rather large hosts file for this purpose, but eventually gave it up because i suspected that it had started doing more harm than good.

No, facebook has a special place in my heart, which is why they got 'special treatment'.

Other than the usual suspects and FB my host file is empty.

I can see how a huge hostfile would impact performance, and I would advice against using it to block a very large number of hosts.

Some of these hostnames are quite arcane to me (peace.facebook.com); did you get them from a list somewhere or did you identify each one of them yourself?

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