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Looks like it's connected with the ad agency Evolution Bureau ("EVB") (clients: [1]), the same people who did the Office Depot-braded "Elf Yourself" sensation [2].

Why do I think it's EVB? This is the only other site on the same IP as manipulation.com, and manipulation.com is registered clearly to EVB. The agency's creative work is consistent with this project too.

[1] http://evb.com/work/ [2] http://elf.evb-archive.com/

It's not Evolution Bureau.

It was Jason Zada (http://jasonzada.com/) a Commercial and Music Video director who may have one point been at EVB (and was the one who registered manipulation.com) but apparently he's now at Tool of North America.


It's at least the same director as Elf Yourself, according to the actor in it (https://twitter.com/#!/billoberstjr/status/12611132567074816...).

On Twitter, EVB's CEO said they didn't do the site.


any idea who the client is? i searched for "evb google" but didn't come up with anything...

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