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Indeed. So basically someone made a very high quality video of a creepy dude in a dark room creeping on Facebook and getting really mad. Then (with some special effects they used) they make it look like (almost perfectly) the guy is viewing your profile page, looking through your photos, and creeping on your friends. Then he maps your last known location on Google Maps, looks right at you, and drives over to your house.

It's eerily realistic.

Disclaimer: not my project, found it on the web.

not to mention that, in the car, he has a print out of your profile picture, and a screwdriver (or is it a box cutter) in his hand as he exits the car.

I'm betting its a lollipop in his hand. The video doesn't make it clear but the ending title screen shows a lollipop taped to something so I feel like that was a hint.

" ... Just upload lots of pictures of cats, then it's LOL funny." -Jason Zada

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