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Care to explain for those without Facebook accounts?

Indeed. So basically someone made a very high quality video of a creepy dude in a dark room creeping on Facebook and getting really mad. Then (with some special effects they used) they make it look like (almost perfectly) the guy is viewing your profile page, looking through your photos, and creeping on your friends. Then he maps your last known location on Google Maps, looks right at you, and drives over to your house.

It's eerily realistic.

Disclaimer: not my project, found it on the web.

not to mention that, in the car, he has a print out of your profile picture, and a screwdriver (or is it a box cutter) in his hand as he exits the car.

I'm betting its a lollipop in his hand. The video doesn't make it clear but the ending title screen shows a lollipop taped to something so I feel like that was a hint.

" ... Just upload lots of pictures of cats, then it's LOL funny." -Jason Zada

It's an example of how much personal data you actually leak through Facebook illustrated through a movie of a crazy serial killer browsing Facebook, with nicely done overlays of your actual personal data that the app pulled from you.

  movie of a crazy serial killer browsing Facebook
Serial killer? That's just your assumption, based on video editing. Remember the scene in Men in Black, where Will Smith is asked to shoot cardboard aliens and shoots a little girl instead?

HN Against Prejudice! :-)

(showed TakeThisLollipop to my gf, who freaked out and immediately deleted all fb apps... so prejudiced!)

Since when does "leak" equate to "explicitly grant permission to access"?

It is not like the app is getting information that some random hacker can access, at least if you have any privacy controls set on your Facebook profile.

Right, because Facebook would never change their privacy policies on a whim without giving users warning ahead of time. At least they probably won't. Anymore. Well, only if they really need to.

No, it's getting information some random website can access by offering you a picture of a lollipop. Stranger danger?

no, not really, considering you have to explicitly allow the app to access all that data...

Exactly, and you did allow it to do that on nothing more than an image of a lollipop and endorsement from this community.

Except I didn't. The confirmation page was enough for me to drive home the point.

that seems reasonable to me. if something gets to the top spot on HN, I'd think its worth a try. some other random app? much different story.

Yes but I'm sure many people did... And it wasn't hard to do.

I guess this is a teaser trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xBA0mpWuuo

Can someone make a video of this thing ?

thank you but... that guy's screen is just white

I imagine that is the video that gets overlayed with the info gathered with the FB api

Definitely not as dramatic with the blank page.

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