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Vizcom | Fullstack Web developer | REMOTE | Full Time | https://www.vizcom.ai/

This role offers the unique opportunity to navigate the challenge of uniting professional artists and ML on the web.

Vizcom is a browser based 2d drawing application with a realtime AI render engine. The render engine uses 3d image reconstruction techniques to create the 3d model.

The architecture consists of typescript and react on the frontend and nest.js and prisma on the backend. All of the code is contained in a monorepo(nx) and deployment is done via microfrontends on Vercel.

Vizcom started in 2021 and is ventured back. We currently are 4 people strong. We are looking to expand our engineering team to keep up with the users interest in our product.

We are based in Mountiain View, California, but welcome remote applications from everywhere.

Send a resume and intro email to me if youre interested! - kaelan@vizcom.co

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