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Exponent | Remote-first | Product Designer, Software Engineer | https://tryexponent.com

We're a community and education platform used by hundreds of thousands of people in tech to practice for interviews and connect with experts in their field. Together, we're transforming the interview process from being confusing and difficult into a supportive, educational journey.

We’re looking for talented engineers and designers to help us push our vision to the next level. You’ll help build an impactful, community-driven product that helps people advance their careers in software engineering, product management, and more!

Our team has always been remote-first but our teammates are mostly located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York!

Here are a few of our open roles:

- Lead Product Designer: https://angel.co/company/tryexponent/jobs/1977680-lead-produ...

- Full-stack Software Engineer (React, Node.js): https://angel.co/company/tryexponent/jobs/974007-full-stack-...

Check out all job openings here! https://angel.co/company/tryexponent/jobs

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