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MorphMarket.com | Senior React Developer | Remote | Full-time | Contract | https://www.morphmarket.com I'm the founder of MorphMarket.com. We are an online marketplace that connects breeders and keepers of lizards, geckos, snakes, frogs, spiders and other captive-bred pets. Launched in 2015, we are the largest reptile-related website in the world with over 5,000 active sellers in North America and Europe on any given day. Our users passionately love the least loved animals.

We are looking to add another experienced React front-end developer to our fully remote team. Having become the leader in buying & selling, we are expanding our services for this industry.

Our backend is implemented in Python, of course. We use Django/Postgres/Redis with a front-end of React for new development. These new pages are replacing our older JQuery/Javascript/Bootstrap pages. As a FE dev, you could think of yourself as a Python handler. :)~

Check out our recent work in this demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNrGkf20NPc

Key skills: React, React Native, Typescript, Javascript, SCSS, Bootstrap, JQuery. Good knowledge of webpack, flexbox, debugging, browser caching, performance profiling, web performance fundamentals. Pragmatic: ability to balance quality and speed. Nice to have: Apple App Store & Google Play experience, AWS services like S3 and Lambda.

There are 8-10 people on our product team. We collaborate with Github and Slack. We are a bootstrapped family-owned startup, with strong revenues and growth. As a developer myself, I try to keep things fun and interesting for the team.

Initial engagement is at least two months of full-time contract work possibly extending much longer. Most working hours should be during US timezones.

Please contact us at jobs@morphmarket.com with a statement of interest, relevant qualifications/experience, and billing rate. Thanks!

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