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May Day (wikipedia.org)
57 points by aarobot on May 1, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

I learnt today that the distress phrase "Mayday mayday mayday" has nothing to do with May Day and instead it is supposedly a phonetic equivalent of the French maidez (help)


Why the US doesn't really do a thing:

> There was disagreement among labor unions at this time about when a holiday celebrating workers should be, with some advocating for continued emphasis of the September march-and-picnic date while others sought the designation of the more politically charged date of May 1. Conservative Democratic President Grover Cleveland was one of those concerned that a labor holiday on May 1 would tend to become a commemoration of the Haymarket affair and would strengthen socialist and anarchist movements that backed the May 1 commemoration around the globe.[19] In 1887, he publicly supported the September Labor Day holiday as a less inflammatory alternative,[20] formally adopting the date as a United States federal holiday through a law that he signed in 1894.[9]

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_Day#Labor_Day_versus_May...

(Labour Day in Canada has different reasons.)

Seems like the Haymarket Affair resulted in 7 cops killed and 4 civilians. Seems like an odd thing to celebrate?

I mean the fight for workers rights, sure, but the bombing that killed a bunch of innocent people seems unworthy of celebration.

> […] May 1 would tend to become a commemoration […]

Commemoration ≠ celebration.

I've always assumed the rich in the US want Labor Day as far away from May day as possible, lest the workers get uppity when reminded of the past.

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