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>Or you're playing it safe.

You're exactly right. This whole article sounds like someone pretending to understand risk analysis. You can make as many technological and human process improvements as you want leading up to the deploy, but even after doing everything else possible to reduce potential impact you'll still further reduce potential impact by pulling triggers when your service is at minimum load. And there is always a trigger to pull, the article argues for gradual rollout (which is good), but one still has to introduce new code to replace or run side-by-side with old code sometime. What if v2 worked alongside v1 in testing and staging just fine but something in production makes it explode?

Assume if everything else is equal, A is better than B. Also assume if everything else being equal C is better than D. This article says "You're doing A?!?!?! WTF DUDE!? Just do C instead of D, then forget about A and go back to B".

If he wants to argue that the benefits of A over B outweigh the costs of D over C, then he should do that instead of writing what comes across as saying A is the magic bullet that makes C and D equivalent. Not to mention that there the value of A over B and cost of C over D are different from organization to organization.

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