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I think of them as "speculative management" posts. Like the post here, they're usually written by someone with no direct experience in what they're talking about, and no responsibility for dealing with the problems that arise from following their advice. The posts are aspirational for group credibility (social proof), necessarily among those who also don't have direct experience in the topic. It's Monday Morning Quarterbacking every day of the week, or nerd watercooler b.s.'ing. "Why does NASA wait for certain weather in order to launch, don't they have confidence in their equipment/systems/pilots?"

As for your second question, if you have a load balancer, you can always take nodes out of it in order to update them, before re-enabling them in the LB and moving on to the next one. It's called a rolling upgrade, and the ease and details of doing such depend on the actual pieces involved.

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