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I was hoping the author would have some deeply insightful answer to the argument, "because the deployment requires the site to go down for a few minutes and we want to avoid inconveniencing customers" but he avoids that topic entirely.

That's the number 1 reason for an overnight deployment, by far! If you can deploy code without bringing the site down, then of course, do it during the day!

Bingo. Deployment with us is automated. I don't actually stay up to 3 AM. However, during the deployment the machine is automatically updated with new packages and the new version of the software, caches are cleared, it's restarted, etc. All of this probably takes 5 minutes at most, but still ... why do that in the middle of the day?

Also, we do a daily backup around midnight. If the deployment is botched, I can come in early in the morning, notice it and simply do a roll-back using the backup. Very easy.

Now, if you're actually staying up until 3 AM and doing things manually ... you need to automate things.

Depends on the type of site/application. If your application is managing customer data that can be updated 24 hours a day, a few minutes of down-time might be okay, whereas rolling back 6 hours of data (and losing it) is definitely not okay.

He did, you do a rolling update, take a few systems out of active duty, upgrade them, and then begin directing some percent of traffic to them. That, of course, only works if you are of a scale to have that many production systems, and loose enough interdependencies to allow for new and old code to run at the same time. I think some of his point was that if you aren't able to do that sort of update, it was worth your time and effort to get there. I think he's probably right, but the work to get from where you are (it requires site outage to upgrade) to where you want to be (rolling upgrades, ability to run multiple versions in parallel, etc) is going to be site specific in most cases that it's hard to discuss that move in any depth.

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