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In-app rewards gaming network (Startup Weekend product - need feedback) (gameboost.me)
18 points by HectorRamos on Oct 16, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

I am confused by the choice to feature the number of devs you had and the abbreviated schedule as opposed to a vision for how you're going to make app developers more money.

Aren't the key details something along the lines of "You implement an in-game currency, we give you a widget which lets users select from various offers to earn currency by taking actions which have high CPA affiliate payouts, we insulate you from the metric truckload of customer support requests this will generate, and you get paid on a fairly regular schedule"? Or maybe two steps beyond this, "Yeah we know you've heard this before but a) we have higher quality offers, b) we police the feed religiously to ensure your users don't get scammed, c) our CS is really top-notch to get users instant credit for things even when the actual CPA is delayed by days, and d) we're experts at dealing with the pathologies of poor people and promise to keep you far, far away from the seedy underbelly of our business."

1. Get an idea.

2. Do zero work on it.

3. Set up a landing page.

4. Submit link to HN.

5. Gauge the response.

This new trend really pisses me off...

If someone puts the work into it I have no problem with it, but I know that there is a 99% chance that this thing has no substance.

Note: to offset the rant, I'm upvoting your submit.

Welcome to the Startup Weekend effect.

Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of the events, and have had good experiences at some I've attended. But there is often a huge inequality between the number of devs and the number of business guys- if you're not careful you end up in a group full of business, but with little ability to execute over the space of a weekend.

So you end up with a weekend spent arguing over a domain name, setting up a LaunchRock page and sending out Google Spreadsheet surveys.

SEO attempts.

Im at startup weekend puerto rico right now (Im one of the judges) so its cool to see this on HN. Overall, I have been insanely impressed with whats happening in the startup community here. I have been to a number of these events in the US, but I think this one might take the cake in terms of quality.

Good idea, if game users don't see ads and I can monetize, I want to know more about it.

The site says it's bringing back the 'arcade model', so I'm guessing the way they'll monetize users is... to make them pay for your game??

At the same time, their video looks like it's the same premium currency model as every other game microtransaction service out there.

It would really help if they could show something more, or at least write more about their service.

I would look into this if there was any info about how its going to work, but that is the least helpful landing page I've ever seen. Not even worth giving away my email address.

Sound Very Interesting, i want more info..

My feedback is, please stop doing junk like this and go pursue some idea that has some kind of social value.

I'm curious what you think has some kind of social value. Would you mind expounding on that?


It's like pornography...

I'm sorry. It's a sincere question and I simply don't understand. Does pornography also lack social value in your eyes?

I guess there is a max reply depth? So I am replying here...

I am a game developer, actually, and I believe games can have great social value. So I support you in pursuing your idea.

"Rewards" systems like the one described here, though, are not about giving anything to the audience. They are purely about taking money away from people, and doing it as manipulatively and sneakily as possible. I believe the net social value for things like this is deeply negative.

There's not a max reply length. The reply button takes a bit of time to show up sometimes. I'm not clear on how long that is supposed to be or what factors influence it. When I first joined, I did the exact same thing as you are doing here: Replied higher up in the thread on occasions when I couldn't find the "reply" link/button/option.

Thanks so much for taking me seriously. Sometimes people think I'm just being snarky. What do you think does work for trying to monetize a game? I'm not sure there will ever be any money in my plans to make a game (in part because the target audience has no money, only debts from large medical expenses), but my sons also want to make games. Somewhere in there, someone needs to make actual money. Any thoughts?

I am referring to Justice Potter Stewart's famous 1964 opinion statement in a Supreme Court case on pornography. Look up "I know it when I see it" on Wikipedia.

I'm familiar with "I know it when I see it". I just didn't realize it was a reference to that. Okay, presume I am blind (and stupid, if that helps): Why does this lack social value in your eyes?

For reference: I kind of have hopes of eventually doing a simulation (aka "game") to try to teach other people how I got well when doctors say it cannot be done. So I don't agree when people dismiss games and related topics as having no social value. I'm sincerely trying to understand your perspective.

Thanks so much for indulging me. :-)

Oh wait, now it lets me reply here. See above.

Kudos for working on Gameboost over Startup Weekend but the ideas is not new. Google in-app game rewards and you'll find out http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=safari&biw...

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