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I've just dug through the Neovim ecosystem trying to upgrade my 5 years old .vimrc and I feel it has come a long way since LSP became a thing.

It can now actually act like real IDE as the editor knows about the code pretty well.




Some features look pretty close to what you get in JetBrains.

I can see some parts are kind of rough until you Google enough to fix/customize to your needs but if I take enough time, I might as well feel like its a decent replacement for a real IDE.

For a starter, AstroNvim helped me figure out what the juicy plugins are these days.

It seems NvChad and LunarVim are preconfigured competitors to it.

I wonder if JetBrains one day gets left behind for not using LSP ecosystem but perhaps Fleet might implement it.

Can't recommend AstroNvim enough as a starting point to Nvim. It is the perfect bootstrap needed (though I would disable their integration with the scroll plugin — Neoscroll. Prefer the native scroll instead).

Exactly what I did. Not sure if people like that slow scrolling.

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