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I looked for JUSTIN BAILEY, couldn't find it - but I discovered NARPASSWORD!

ValidatePassword: L8DDE: LDA NARPASSWORD ; L8DE1: BNE ++ ;If invincible Samus already active, branch. L8DE3: LDY #$0F ; L8DE5:* LDA PasswordChar00,Y ; L8DE8: CMP NARPASSWORDTbl,Y ;If NARPASSWORD was entered at the--> L8DEB: BNE + ;password screen, activate invincible--> L8DED: DEY ;Samus, else continue to process password.

JUSTIN BAILEY is not hardcoded; it is an emergent property of the password system: http://www.metroid-database.com/faq_metroid.php#metfaq35

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