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Biology, is MASSIVE. So first question: What aspect would you like to get involved in?

WET LAB: pipette lab coats and playing with chemicals

"LH002" https://github.com/delinquentme/LH001

"biotech temp agency" http://bit.ly/onCmQI

BIOINFORMATICS: probably the quickest route for a programmer

"Best resources to learn molecular biology for a computer scientist." http://bit.ly/p0zKXG

"Bioinformatics for programmers" http://bit.ly/nxWGps

"A Quick Guide for Developing Effective Bioinformatics Programming Skills" http://bit.ly/6hZEUj

MICROFLUIDICS: "lab on a chip"

List of microfluidic companies http://fluidicmems.com/list-of-microfluidics-lab-on-a-chip-a...

Talk to me if you're serious about it ... there is a HUGE community basically waiting to blow open ... I've recently begun working in bioinformatics and bio into my skillset, in this short time the interest has only grown.

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