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This post is mostly negative, and it might be a bit harsh. Sorry in advance.

Your ideas for watches make me want to actively avoid -before I've even seen them - any websites you've been involved in.

You show a fundamental lack of understanding about how people read time that I think you would fail hard with something more complex.

The analogue style face has lasted so long because it is so easy to use. Catching a ball involves a bunch of tricky physics (we've only just developed robots that can do it well) but people don't have to think about it; you throw a ball at them and they jab their arm out. (If they're anything like me they miss the ball.) People don't need to think about watches to tell the time.

There are a few special cases: Young people learning to tell the time, or people with some interesting number-blindness problems, or people with mild learning disabilities.

I'd be interested to hear designs that help those people. But, really, digital watches already exist and are a cheap and simple fix.

To be honest I don't think you really understood what I wanted to say with in that post. I don't believe the analog watch has that long because it's that great usability wise but because it's (relatively speaking) simple to make.

This simpleness is what appeals to most in analog watches - there are no chips involved (at least in mechanical analog watches). You can "get" an analog watch, understand it. There is nothing to get about computer chips. Those things are black boxes of electronic magic to most.

Furthermore just because you are fast at using something doesn't say anything about the quality of the thing you are using. You can learn to live with pretty much any level of pain. And that's why you don't have to actively think about reading a watch. It's a learned thing - just like catching a ball. And still people invented the baseball glove.

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