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This oversharing problem highlights the fundamental problem with private sharing Google+ was supposed to address: users make mistakes.

Yes, but this is a problem that will only affect Google employees, not the world at large. Steve says he meant to be signed into his internal Google account, not his external Google account.

Steve made that mistake. If I'm using Google+, I could accidentally select the wrong circle to share to.

Yes, but that's true of anything, right? You could accidentally misread a traffic signal and drive into the middle of oncoming traffic. But like with sharing on social news sites, you can usually recover quickly enough that it's not a big deal. Slam the brakes, delete the post, etc.

People make mistakes and no software can prevent that.

Account != circles, if you are using the wrong account public sharing does not have the same meaning anymore.

Happened to me before.

But I luckily noticed right away. But its not really something that Google could completely prevent.

Google+ was supposed to address that?

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