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Imo, it speaks well of Google’s culture that they have people like Yegge who like Google and also have the freedom to strongly criticize it.

Most companies (small or large) don’t appreciate dissent.

I just left Google after 3 years (to build my own projects). I echo Steve's sentiment that overall, Google is a company that really tries hard to do everything the right way. It's a company full of smart, well-intentioned people. There are many of these internal discussions, all of them would be fascinating to outsiders, but it's just (un)fortunate that this one was accidentally posted.

For a total outsider it is nice to read what people inside google think.

Well, this reminds me a little of Jerry Maguire's "mission statement".

The future of our business.

Fewer clients. Less money.


... more platforms.

>Most companies (small or large) don’t appreciate dissent.

I may be downvoted but I'm guessing that Google feels the same way. No one/company likes to be ripped even if there is something to learn.

I would hope that Google learns from Steve's comments and adjusts. Many companies fail because those at the top are too sensitive to criticism and are too arrogant to trust those that they've hired.

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