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From Stanford's online, open to all database course announcement page (login required) from yesterday:


"As of this morning we have 68,000 students enrolled in Introduction to Databases, and the number is growing daily. Wow!! The reception has been way beyond expectations -- we're pedaling like mad to keep up, and having a great time. Please visit the Q&A Forum if you have questions, or if you have answers! With a class this size we're certainly relying on students-helping-students. Welcome aboard."

It seems there's demand.

The AI class had 160,000+ and the Machine Learning class had more than the DB class I believe.

The demand is very high, and all three of these are fairly specialized classes.

Hey I'm in that class! lol. (Actually I'm in all three of those online Stanford courses this quater, DB, Machine Learning, and A.I.)

And next year, they can just show the same videos again, and lay off the teachers. Everyone wins! (Except the teachers, so maybe that's why the union should fight for it, eh?)

In other news, the Buggy Whip Assembler's Union has some concerns they would like to raise regarding the adoption of the new "Horseless Carriage" technology.

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