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It varies state-to-state. Texas allows "2-for-$2" and "1-for-$1.50" in the same store at the same time.

This is pretty common in Idaho too, 2 for $2.22 or a single for $1.79 is the 20oz soda deal in just about every convenience store.

Whoa, 2 for $2.22 is something I haven't seen for 15 years here in northern WV. Usually like 2.19 for one, and two is pushing $3.75 now (maybe $3.50 if you're a rewards member).

I suppose we have excise taxes to thank for that.

They do seem quite at liberty to put signs that say 2/3.50 and then have the individual price listed higher beside it.

Yeah, the key is they have to be explicit about both prices ($1.79 for one) - if they just say 2 for $2.22 they have to sell one for $1.11.

That's the opposite of GP's example - it was higher cost to buy 4 together than 4 individually.

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