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Pff, wait til you discover you can freeze also sausages and butter without losing any quality, which sadly can't be said about bread, defrosted bread tastes pretty bad, which is why I don't freeze it. I mean if I would be that desperate or lazy that I wouldn't want to go to small convenience store right under my building to buy half loaf, I have always at home enough flour and it would make more sense to keep dry yeast in stock to prepare own bread.

I would have agreed with you completely until I got married and discovered that it's not the freezing that does it, but the thawing. It's all in how you thaw.

Now I pull the loaf out a few hours before it's needed and let it thaw at room temperature in the pantry. Definitely leave it sealed.

I laugh now thinking about how as kids we put the bread in the microwave on defrost. That makes some damn nasty bread :-D

nah, I know that, I defrost everything at room temperature, defrosting anything in MW is insanity

some people recommend sprinkle a bit water and put defrosted bread into oven for short time, but haven't tried it, I prefer fresh bread

Depends on the sausage I guess, and on the defrosting process. Personally, I don't like to freeze any meat - chances are that it had been frozen already, and refreezing it will ruin it.

My mom freezes everything to save money, and there is an element of emancipation for me to be able to not do that, but generally speaking I just find it a destructive practice from a flavour perspective.

it's not (only/mostly) about money, but (mostly) convenience

I eat defrosted bread quite often and I can't notice a flavor difference, at least for sandwiches.

And stale or moldy bread, my alternative, is very easy to notice.

Crusty sourdough freezes just fine. I wouldn’t want to freeze Wonderbread style soft sandwich loaves, though.

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