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If you have the space, a second deep freeze is a game changer. You can often find them for cheap or even free, the ones from the 90s seem to last forever.

I just _know_ she'd love to have a chest freezer (runs in her family I think); alas, we live in a London apartment, space is one thing we don't have.

On a side note, with energy prices (which are typically high in the UK compared to some other places) I'd be loath to use an "old" freezer. We once rented a place, and I found their circa 80s freezer user more electricity than we did for the rest of the flat.

I've always been one to prefer newer, more energy efficient devices even at a higher initial cost (it's somewhat of a hobby of mine to see how energy efficient I can make things in my home), it's times like these where I feel it's actually paying off.

I ordered a chest freezer months ago and it still hasn't been delivered. Every time I follow up, the retailer keeps blaming supply chain.

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