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Actually a surprising number of the best startups we've funded applied on a whim at the last minute. IIRC David Rusenko of Weebly applied in the last half hour without even having had time to tell his cofounders that he was.

I submitted my application a while ago, but I've updated it a few times to clarify things better as well updating it to reflect changes. What are the odds that the people reading it are going to have read one of the old versions or one of the better and newer versions? Thanks a ton.

I can't remember where I read this, but I believe one the partners has said it's unlikely they've looked at earlier versions of your application.

I wish PG would answer this one, because I'm thinking the same thing and would love some solid clarification.

Any version over about 3 days old would probably not have been graded. (We skim early applications, but we rarely vote on them.) Anything since then could have been.

Good to know, I have had an application in for a couple weeks and since then have made immense changes to it.

Thanks for the clarification.

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