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For me the biggest part was having a place to change. I commuted rain/snow/shine for almost 2 years straight in Chicago, but I was only able to make it happen because I had a gym membership in the building. Some places around here are (supposedly, so I hear) getting better about having more of a locker room style bathroom to allow for people who ride to work and not be a sweaty mess when they get there.

For about four years I did bicycle commuting year-round, rain or shine (no snow here). It was only possible because I had an indoor place to store my bike, a place to hang my clothes to dry, a place to change and wash up a bit, and space at work to store things like dry shoes and indoor jackets. This allowed me to just accept the weather and completely change between biking at work.

Now, I don't have that luxury. I don't have a good place to store things, I don't have a good changing/cleaning area. I'm dreading the rain.

What did you do to protect your bike against the water and salt in the winter?

I've never done anything in particular to my bike in Denmark, except to keep it indoors at night. Haven't had any problems.

I bike to work through the winter in Chicago. I don't do anything special except have indoor storage and lube the chain each week.

I just plan for the bike to be ruined and ride a crappy bike that I replace every so often.

Yep, just keep vigilant on the routine maintenance and at least store it indoors so it's only outside while you're riding it.

The scrappy-looking dependable workhorse also has a side benefit of you not having to worry as much about it being stolen vs. something that still shines.

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