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Make a 60 Sec Video Pitch in 500 Photos, $2 and 1 Day (avandamiri.com)
23 points by avand on Oct 10, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Good advice, but GREAT post. THIS is the type of brilliant marketing that doesn't get pointed out often enough. I think it's because it's so gentle or subtle that it feels "bad" to call it "marketing."

But I'm curious and I think the whole group would benefit if you'd acknowledge your thought process in posting this b/c NOW we're all aware of your company b/c we watched your pitch in an effort to meet our needs. This isn't an accident, is it?

Well Done.

Thanks! I genuinely was not looking for feedback on the idea. Not now anyway. We've done some testing on a small scale to realize what we're missing. Hopefully once we get to a real version one I'll reach out here for some feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Are you sure you're not violating the Friendly Music license? Specifically this: "Can my video be an advertisement for a product? No." Here's the whole license agreement: http://friendlymusic.com/docs/friendly-music-license-agreeme...

Looks like you're right. I'll have to pay more attention to the fine print next time!

Awesome. Wish I saw this before I paid (wayyyyy more than $2) for an animated video for http://recessionitis.com

I'm def gonna give it a try.. I just got to brush up on my "coloring" :-)

It's all about the catchy whistling soundtrack!

Hey, that's a great idea if you've only got $2 or so.

I think you'd get better results if you have a digital camera. I found, even with the cheap camera I had at the time, that putting it on a tripod, and aiming it down at the table, and zooming in the appropriate amount let me take really stellar shots. Many cameras these days come with IR remotes so you can trigger them without touching them (important so you avoid messing up the shot during animation.)

I wonder, though, wouldn't it be easier to do something like this and get better results using a program like Motion? (part of the final cut suite.) I've never used a motion graphics program before, but Motion costs $50, and that's within my budget!

The digital camera and tripod sounds like a great version 2 of this. I've never heard of Motion but will check it out!

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