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The Freehackers Union (freehackersunion.org)
3 points by bdfh42 on Sept 19, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

So confused! Okay, so Suits suck, tech jobs suck, society sucks... none of these things can stop you from hacking. It's not like your boss comes in and steals your computer / paint set / circuit board while you're asleep. I guess I'm missing the value-add here, especially since there are "tryouts."

No, but they can stop you from talking about hacking with other hackers, if everyone around you is a suit. The FU is meant to gather hackers, and only them, together to talk about it. The tryouts serve to keep everyone else out.

Hmmm... for those without a social circle of hackers, I can concede that use. Still, the vetting process seems an... anachronism, maybe? Can't find the right word. Are they worried suits will infiltrate the group and steal their lucky charms?

shrug something just feels off about it, I'm not entirely sure what. Feel free to disregard my oddities in this case.

My understanding was that Zed Shaw is worried that suits will infiltrate and make the whole thing about business, instead of it being about the fun of putting things together.

My understanding is also that Zed Shaw should pay more attention to the Make Magazine community, since I think it's more what he's after, but I haven't actually been to an FU meeting yet (I think they're starting one in Austin, just haven't yet).

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