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the text of the article doesn't seem to explain how the assertion is made. Until last year (when I left apple), the PA Semi team (which is the A4/A5 team) was about 20 people (and they were hiring 3-4 more), so this is somewhat difficult to believe, but I might have outdated information. The designs are mostly modified arm designs.

1,000 is probably wrong, counting every possible person who is vaguely related to hardware.

But the PA Semi team is way larger than 20 engineers, that's for sure. Even before the acquisition by Apple, they had way more engineers than 20. I'm the guy who filmed their product launch at the Power Conference.

Wikipedia says 150 people for PA Semi before they got acquired.

1,000 has to be wrong for two reasons. 1) That's an explosion in staff which your organization can't handle 2) 1,000 people on one chip is ridiculous and only something Intel gets away with.

A good estimate for a SoC would top out at around 200 people for the design, implementation and a 100% NIH syndrome.

It's chips, not one chip. I would guess that A7, A8, and A9 are being designed in parallel.

Of course they are. How long does it take to get from design to production? Apple takes the long view here.

It doesn't have to be only one chip, or one edition of one chip.

The source is some dude the reporter talked to who says Steve Jobs said it. This is journalism?

No, it's TechCrunch.

you mean NoJournalistsCrunch

the text of the article doesn't seem to explain how the assertion is made.

It's techcrunch so of course the number was pulled out of the author's backside.

More like the backside of someone else that (allegedly) heard it by SJ and (allegedly) forwarded it to the techcrunch author.

I've heard stories about small US divisions backed by large, less talented divisions overseas to carry out the rote work. Maybe that's the case here?

there's also the Intrinsity acquisition in austin, but I doubt it's a super huge team. I pass by their building every day, it isn't big or anything.

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