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Amazon spins off Kindle Fire products into separate company called Seesaw (fusible.com)
15 points by ditados 2058 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

A spinout is an absurd and nonsensical level of speculation from the mere fact that Amazon filed some trademark registrations via a separate LLC.

Amazon is already a maze of separate entities for tax purposes, for example to tap-dance around 'nexus' standards for assessing sales tax.

Much more simple (and thus more likely) explanations for this 'Seesaw LLC' registration entity are thus:

(1) this allowed them to obscure the filing (especially as of the earlier, foreign, 'priority date') from people searching for Amazon registrations

(2) it allows some tax advantages from cross-entity IP licensing

I'd go with (1); clicking through to the registrations shows the marks first registered in Tonga ('Fire' in May 2011; 'Silk' a few days before the public announcement). I believe I've heard of Apple using a similar tactic to acquire registered trademarks without tipping off outsiders.

Absolutely. Literally ridiculous "journalism".

More than likely the trademarks are being registered by a holding company. It's unlikely that Amazon would spin the product to a separate entity. Most big tech companies register domains and trademarks under holding companies to protect the product identity before launch.

Could this have something to do with protecting the rest of Amazon's corporate structure (AWS, Amazon.com, etc.) from patent liability?

Very unlikely. You can be sued for selling an infringing product even if you didn't create it.

I wonder how this will differ from Lab126, which was the subsidiary that developed the E-ink Kindle. Their web site features the Kindle Fire, too. http:///www.lab126.com

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