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Nobody has to be a saint, but there is something very uncomfortable about putting one over on a friend like that.

There are lots of stories about Woz and Jobs that make me uncomfortable. But that's not surprising: They were big fans of practical jokes, and I was never much of a fan myself.

Woz seems to be able to think of this story in the spirit of a practical joke.

It is, as you put it, uncomfortable. This goes to other things that Jobs has done as well in his youth. If I was to put the magnifying lens under your life, or anyone else's, I can assure you I would find things you don't want to be seen. No one is perfect. The best we can do is make the world a better place than it was before. I believe that both Jobs and Woz did that.

If you don't like what he has done then be a better person. Learn from his mistakes, as well as the triumphs, and pay it forward. Jobs is a hero to many but he is not worthy of worship.

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