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My plan is to give the software away for free, but keep the distribution somewhat centralized and the source closed. The app is, on a business level, a marketing tool for my Radio Silence firewall. I hope it will drive traffic and links to the site by giving away a complementary product for free.

Sharing the source through github might work against that goal.

Or it might help you reach that goal. Opening up some of your source will give your more advanced customers more confidence in your coding abilities.

The open source approach surely has its benefits. However, I think/guess/believe the free closed-source app has more direct effects on my visitor traffic. Open sourcing the software would probably help me build some kind of personal branding, but it's not a goal I'm actively working for right now. Currently, my priority is to get radiosilenceapp.com more visibility and authority.

2 questions:

1. Why distribute as a pkg instead of a zipped .app or a dmg?

2. Why not put it on MAS?

edit: scratch that, I found the postflight script installing a kext.

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