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I'm on Lion. Installed the app, launched, window comes up but connections are not listed.

Restarted the computer. Connections are still not listed.

Reinstalled as per FAQ. Still not working.

Am I doing something wrong?

No connections come up even if you let the window stay open for a while?

Could you run "kextstat" on the terminal and see if "com.radiosilenceapp.nke.PrivateEye" is listed?

It works for me. Thanks for making this, keep up the good work!

Now if you introduce the option of blocking applications, I'd uninstall LittleSnitch for this.


You can use Radio Silence to block apps. It's on the same domain, and linked in the sidebar and header.

Great, I just bought it. Any chance of incorporating Private Eye into Radio Silence, at least for the purpose of selecting the apps I want to block? Or being able to drag and drop an app from Private Eye into Radio Silence would be enough. It's just that selecting those apps is really painful from the file dialog, especially if they're obnoxious system services like helpd.

You're the second person to suggest that today. It's a great idea, and I'll implement it as soon as I can.

Radio Silence already supports drag & drop. You can drag apps into its window, if you don't like the file dialog.

Private Eye doesn't yet support dragging stuff out of it.

Update: The problem was related to 32 vs 64 bit kernels, and is fixed now. I also received an email confirmation from everyone who reported the issue that it works for them. Thanks!

I'm getting this issue of no connections showing..reinstall didn't help... any ideas? Thanks.

edit: second reinstall seemed to fix it..


Not listed

That is very strange. Did you move the app to a different folder after installation, or something like that?

Also, it might be better to swith to email to debug this. I'm available at contact@radiosilenceapp.com

Firstly, this looks very interesting and from the screenshots seems very impressive.

It doesn't work for me as well (Macbook / Lion 10.7.1). I DON'T see "com.radiosilenceapp.nke.PrivateEye" listed as well. I haven't moved the app to a different folder. Do let us know if this is resolved.

The problem seems to be about kernel architecture compatibility. I'm going through the build settings etc to see if there's some reason this happens. I'll keep this thread updated.

The downloadable package is now updated, and it should support 32 and 64 bit kernels. Please let me know if there are any more problems. Thanks for everyone's patience!

* Edit: I also emailed everyone who had contacted me about this.

Now it works! Thanks :-)

i get the following error in system.log:

com.apple.kextd[10]: Can't load /Applications/Private Eye.app/Contents/Resources/Private Eye.kext - no code for running kernel's architecture.

my MBP is from 2006 so my kernel is still 32-bit

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