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Chrome Remote Desktop extension by Google (chrome.google.com)
240 points by patrickaljord on Oct 8, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 36 comments

The protocol is something we designed and based on several google technologies:

1. Bottom layer is p2p connection established by libjingle, this can be udp, tcp or relay through google.

2. We use PseudoTcp implementation in libjingle to provide reliable connection.

3. On top of that is SSL connection.

4. protobuf is used for structured data and framing.

5. Graphics is encoded using VP8.


(copied here since groups.google sometimes requires login)

Many thanks. This makes my Cr-48 even better.

Easy to use; took only a minute to set up a connection. Just played Battlefield in my browser that was viewing my roommate's shared desktop (very low frame rate, obviously).

It would be cool if there was at least an option for the shared computer to resume sharing once one session has ended.

i believe this this the first of many small steps implementing a robust remote desktop experience for chromebooks.

I've been using LogMeIn from my chromebook (and Droid X) and it works great.

Big step forward to making Chromebooks standard issue within IT organizations. The goal is for any tech to pickup any Chromebook from anywhere and connect to any resource.

So, while this is interesting (using it right now to post this message).. I find it painfully slow, and inefficient. The network utilization seems much higher than typical RDP or VNC sessions. What exactly is the point? Or is it just another gotomeeting / webex / livemeeting clone to add to their collaborative suite they have been working at?

I think yes, and I wouldn't be surprised if they rushed this out a little too early because of high demand. Free webinars/conferencing will be disruptive.

> I find it painfully slow, and inefficient

There's a reason why it's still beta.

The video encoding is VP8, a general-purpose video codec. It's not specifically made for remote desktops, so it uses a lot more bandwidth than RDP or VNC.

What is the technology behind it? Does it all go via Google servers? Does it have some port forwarding magic?

Why in the world does this page require me to login?

This page has the 'Google Groups disease' that's rapidly spreading across Google's services. If you are completely logged-out of Google, you can access it. But let's say you have a login elsewhere with Google - perhaps even one still good enough to retain your search prefs, and offer instant access to other services requiring login. Still, visiting certain other pages, like this one and before it Google Groups 'public' archives, triggers a request to login. Annoying and kind of creepy/bossy: "either reconfirm who you are on demand, even when visiting 'public' pages, or you have to log out of all our services".

It doesn't require a login to see the page.

It did for me. It required me to verify my Google password just to get to the Chrome Store. It does often.

You do have to log-in to share/connect to a remote desktop session. It seems to be utilising Google talk gadget (https://talkgadget.google.com/talkgadget/blank), this is probably why it requires a Google account.

It asked me to login too.

So does this mean the Chrome P2P protocols are now available to extension authors (and documented?)

I think it doesn't detect LAN. It's much slower comparing to VNC.

Sharing isn't supported on a chromebook. Typing this while I control the other laptop.

Looks solid but I fear that this attitude (let's add features) is bloating chrome which will destroy my favorite browser

"add features"?

It's an extension. If you don't want it to run, you just don't install it.

The teamviewer guys must be a bit worried


- TeamViewer works as a service, if requested

- TeamViewer works on different platforms, without requireing a specific browser

I don't see the threat yet. It's a different thing.

uhm so its some vnc inside the browser, using the browser at the other end too. Sounds a little bit like bloat to me :-( I'm guessing it uses websockets then.

I would think it's more of a demo for features that they're adding in anyway, PeerConnection, Native Client, etc.

Bloat? It's an extension.

"This service is not available

Chrome Web Store is not available for .com. Learn more about Google products you can use with @*.com."

I can't even view a Chrome extension since I'm a user of Google Apps.

I can access the Web Store fine with my apps account. The apps account administrator needs to enable it in the Apps control panel. IIRC it's in "Organisation and Users" --> "Services".

The only thing not in there (that I've found) is Google+/Profiles.

thanks, I enabled all services and it now works.

I get "Package is invalid. Details: 'could not unzip extension'." after a few seconds of downloading. Using Google Chrome 15.0.874.12 dev.

I assume you're on Mac?

Right now the Dev build of Chrome on OSX doesn't allow you to install new extensions.

Nope, Linux (Arch). I use other extensions like Instapaper, historious and disconnect.me.

But can you install any new extension? I'm on Ubuntu with dev and installing any new extension is broken too.

Yes. Tested by installing the first extension on the chrome web store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ognampngfcbddbfemd... and it worked without problems.

EDIT: I tried to install the OP app again, and now it works. My Chrome version is exactly the same. I don't understand this. Oh well.


At least read the title!

So now Google will be targeting advertisements using information about keywords you read from the screen all day long? Great.

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