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That depends entirely on what the goals of the organization are.

The FSF seems to be primarily focused on providing information and tools to those who wish to seek it. At this, I believe they do a pretty good job. There are other organizations focused on selling the idea of F/OSS to outsiders, such as OSI.

Not according to their own website they are not: http://www.fsf.org/

First bullet point.

And Greenpeace pickets Japanese whalers.

Realistically, these sorts of organizations are not looking for outside support. They thrive on controversy and know their target audience well.

I don't financially support the FSF, I don't financially or intellectually support Greenpeace, and I think the politics of groups like The Yes Men are tedious. I also don't think any of them are going to change the world.

I do respect the hell out of all of them though.

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