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A Year of BonsaiDb: A retrospective and looking to the future (bonsaidb.io)
81 points by lukastyrychtr on March 28, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Kudos for whoever came up with that "What is BonsaiDb?" banner. A quick, direct answer, with a link to more in depth information. Something like that should be at the start of every post of a product blog.

Thank you! I knew from experience that I needed to have a way to explain what BonsaiDb was in nearly every post I made, so I used a shortcode in Zola (the static site engine the site is powered by) to allow me to put that blurb at the top of each post as desired.

It takes a lot of pressure off when trying to figure out how to start a post.

Will be interesting to see how the feature set works out. I initially thought about the project as a SQLite alternative, but it's intended to be used on servers (e.g. backend of author's MMORPG). Will they focus on that? If so, it could be part of their description.

Anyways, this is well-written and fun to read. Thanks for sharing your journey!

I definitely am still going to be tackling replication and clustering. There is a single-server mode already available, although with no replication or clustering that means no high availability yet.

As the main contributor, it's hard to say that I'm "focusing" on those aspects, however. Advanced server modes are on my mind constantly -- but so are ways to add more powerful queries, relationships, and more. It's a large project and one of my goals of this coming year is to try to attract more contributors.

Thank you for your comments!

Thank you for posting this! I'm the author and am happy to answer any questions.

Despite this account being created this morning, I'm a perpetual lurker who loves how excited this community can be about new, ambitious projects.

Are there any plans to make bindings to other languages, or is it too tightly integrated with Rust?

I would love for BonsaiDb to be able to be used from other languages. I don't think it would be terribly difficult to do. The next release adds almost all of the APIs that would be needed to build a shared library version of BonsaiDb.

Unfortunately, there are so many features I want to add, and only so many hours in each day. I'm a very happy Rustacean which means that I'm unlikely to focus on exposing BonsaiDb to other languages anytime soon.

That being said, I will do everything I can to help contributors who want to bring BonsaiDb to another language.

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