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Apple RIP Logo design (jmak.tumblr.com)
812 points by citricsquid on Oct 6, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 45 comments

I know normally this (an image) wouldn't fit here, but I thought it was poignant and relevant considering the front page.

It's an excellent design, and a fine tribute.

Thanks. I am using it as my wallpaper at work.

really awesome logo, thanks for posting

Wow...love the intelligence in this interpretation.

I suspect this will likely become apart of the imagery associated with our loss, like the Shepherd's Hope poster became associated with Obama's campaign.

Apparently news sites are using this logo. I hope he gets paid for this.

You hope he gets paid?! I hope he doesn't get sued by Apple.

Why? He can always claim it's meant to be a parody, and thus should be safe. Or not?

I made a few wallpapers [1] with this in case anyone wants one (sorry for the poor vectorization, I'm working and I had to make this fast). Imgur seems to compress jpegs a bit hard, so please feel free to ask me for less compressed images.

The different images are for the different resolutions & styles.

(I am not the creator of the original image, credits go to Jonathan Mak)

[1]: http://imgur.com/a/ASm7b

That's a lovely form factor. Kern the numbers more evenly, the distance between the "1" and "9" is far more than the distance between the "9" and "5", and the "2" in "2011" is far closer to the "0" than the "1".

Thanks, I must admit I was rushing so much that I didn't even work on the kerning. I'll check this later today.

I tried an Apple logo variation back when Steve's illness was first announced. It's not as subtle as Mak's, but this seems to be the time for this sort of thing:


This is also very, very nice.

Definitely appropriate, for this community even more so. Steve was an inspiration, an icon, a legend.

Apple's missing piece.

Subtle, striking, and minimalistic. Just like Steve's design ethic.

Posted on Aug 26th, 2011?

When he stepped down. Notice the post itself doesn't actually say anything about his death.

The post tags include "death" and "RIP". probably a server misconfiguration tho.

More likely those tags were added afterwards.

Considering he stepped down on the 25th, this post is on the 26th, and it is titled "Thanks", I'm inclined to believe it is not an accidental misconfiguration.

I put it up at www.bitkeeper.com, if you need a copyright stuck on there or whatever, let me know. Very nice logo, I like to think that Steve would also have liked it.

For some reason, this reminds me a bit of the Dreamworks logo.

Apologies in advance for questioning an Apple aesthetic at a time like this. Perhaps SJ would have appreciated the design critique.

But someone pointed out to me the similarity with, um, POW*MIA YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:United_States_POW-MIA_flag... and it's kinda stuck in my head now. :-P

What? How are the two even remotely similar?

The downward tilted silhouette of a face? I think the similarity is pretty apparent and thought the same thing when I saw it.

Reminded me more of the Jane Eyre 'silhouette' book cover: http://www.goodreads.com/book/photo/4722840-jane-eyre

fyi, that link redirects users to a signup page unless they're already logged into goodreads. (which I'm not, since I have no account there.)

The cover of Chicago Tribune's Thursday edition of the Red Eye was strikingly similar to your design: http://www.poynter.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/redeye.gif

I can't imagine that they independently arrived at that cover without having seen this here first.

Btw, congrats on the notoriety. I just saw your image on an NYT article.


That's awesome. Would love to know how that worked out for you.

I love the design. I took the liberty of using it in an iMovie project called "In Memory of Steve Jobs" that I wanted to post to the guys on HN, who I hope will appreciate it.

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edaQyINe5oQ?1

I just saw this in a (German) newspaper. Apparently Reuters picked it up.

I don't think it is the same: http://ow.ly/i/iHzx

(I don't know if they wanted to be funny or what but it's very crude and inappropriate to open with "iDeath" and that image).

I guess there are several versions. I saw it here: http://www.taz.de/Kritischer-Nachruf-auf-Steve-Jobs/!79461/

My tribute of Steve Jobs' beautiful world: http://www.servicestack.net/thankyou_steve.png

Channel 4 News (UK) closed the story with this logo last night. They also closed by calling him the "insanely great Steve Jobs" which was nice.

That is really, really lovely.

Apple should use this logo.

Cool tribute. I've used one of the variations for my Facebook Cover

GREAT. More than worth to share.

It is perfect.


Excellent!. I loved the creativity. Best Tribute.

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