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He introduced millions of hackers to their first computer. I'd call that a contribution, indirect as it is.

I attribute that more to Steve Wozniak than to Steve Jobs.

Most nerds do. They fail to realize that very few would have known of Wozniak's work--would not have used it in homes and schools and businesses, would not have been able to integrate the computers that resulted from Wozniak's work in their everyday lives.

Computers for everyone? Yeah, it's the result of marketing, in a lot of ways. But it's also the result of an intuitive understanding of users--of users, not borderline-Asperger's hacker types--and the business discipline and leadership to say "we're going here, I know it's not easy, make it happen." Vision is valuable. Technical contributions are so much less valuable without the vision to apply them to do something great.

And without Jobs, do you think Wozniak is able to do that?

Agreed. My first real programming experience was on a Macintosh doing BASIC.

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