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Rust Is Minimalist (kerkour.com)
9 points by sylvain_kerkour on March 23, 2022 | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

As long as there has been Javascript there has been a dream that you could write your front end and back end in the same language. This is realized in the form of node.js (run Javascript on the back end) as well as numerous solutions such as GWT (compile Java to Javascript), Silverlight (write C# for the front end), etc.

None of these systems have really gone mainstream though.

There have always been plenty of options if you don’t have to run in a browser.

Since 2000 or so targeting any other client is malpractice in most cases.

That is, you update a web application and you're done.

Make an update to a desktop app that is just the beginning of the installer engineering process.

Make an update to a phone app and you pray that the app store will accept it, never mind wait.

Rust isn't great for everything. The macro system is very limited compared to Lisp, don't expect to make great DSLs while staying in the language. You'll notice a lot of Rust game projects still feel compelled to embed a separate scripting language.

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