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To compare Removaly and Optery, the best thing to do is to sign up for each company’s free scan and compare the results. The quality of a data removal company’s free scan is a good indicator of the quality of its opt outs. A lot of the companies in the space have incredible marketing that creates high hopes, but their products are ineffective. The quality of the free scan is usually a tip off if the service is going to be a winner or a let-down before you turn over your credit card. Optery’s free scans produce an average of 70+ results per person (sometimes over 100+ results). I’m not aware of any other company coming anywhere close to that number.

Like Abine’s DeleteMe, it does not look like Removaly offers a monthly billing option. Optery offers monthly or yearly billing options. If you’re really price sensitive, you could run the Optery Ultimate plan for a few months and then cancel, and likely have much better coverage than had you purchased an annual plan from Removaly or DeleteMe.

Optery also offers the strongest 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee: https://help.optery.com/en/article/how-does-your-30-day-mone...

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