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Both GSM & CDMA. This is going to be one of the huge factors for the 4S & 5. If I can now play Verizon, Sprint, & AT&T off against each other then this may be a big, big win for US consumers.

Think Sprint may still be able to sell that big chunk of phones they committed themselves to. I can definitely see going back to Sprint, if they get reasonable roaming deals, particularly on international data.

This also means that Verizon's iPhones lose one of their biggest downsides, that whole worldwide compatability thing.

Yeah. I wonder how things like carrier lock are going to work on this new model. If I have Verizon service in the US and go to Europe can I drop in a local SIM card and use that? If so what is to prevent me from using that same feature when I am back in the US? Hmmmm....

Verizon's other world phones (Like the Droid 2 World) have a 'US only lock'. It will lock out USA SIM cards, but it otherwise unlocked everywhere else. It's also subsidized. I think that is a very fair way to do it.

I would guess the world phones are sold unsubsidized.

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