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>It does, but when you rely on a subset of the market that will never pay for your stuff anyway, the value is more than just a little skewed.

No, it means you have no market. Find a new one.

>Good. I don't like paying taxes because they are just too expensive..so I don't.

You - as a supplier - are not the government, and you don't have any inherent right to be in the particular business you are in.

>It's funny because when businesses do the same thing with workers (the american programmer is too expensive, so we just decided to hire from India), people get all upset.

Some people do, yes. Usually it is the same group that fail to understand the idea that the consumer - not the supplier - that defines the worth of a product. The American programmer is too expensive - in some definitions. That is why first world programmers add a hell of a lot of value over spec following developing world labour these days.

This is basic economics.

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