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This is also why IT admins become fascists over the long haul. Turns out nothing is compatible with anything, especially turn-key software. Turns out that no vendors care to test with any other vendors. Turns out that everything is in some state of brokeness and the only sane solution is to limit complexity and variety and focus on x amount of technologies that we have time to test and make work.

This is why you get a PC without admin rights, set to autoupdate, with our default image, our security policies, and our unpopular defaults (IE9 in my case) but with an option for chrome for those who request it.

I have no idea how home users get by. I hear about their problems and its sounds like a nightmare of poorly written default (your average home laptop is a minefield of OEM junk and a malware magnet). I suspect this is why Apple is doing so well. They abstract away the complexity and actually make their products compatible with their OS and other offerings! Toss in the fact that OSX isn't as targetted by malware, and I can see the allure. On the corporate side, linux is the same deal. We all are comfortable with the command line tools we learned in high school/college/whenever and they haven't changed. Its like an old friend. Sure, it may not generally "just work" but its easier to tinker and fix than a closed system.

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