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"I could buy or import CDs, but I don't like waiting"

So, anyone spoiled enough to "not like waiting" can come and steal the fruits of someone else's labour, right?

Yep. The cost of waiting (up to a month for imports) and buying an optical drive especially for this is prohibitively high. I will not pay that high a price.

I also take moral issue to calling piracy stealing.

You take moral issue to "calling piracy stealing" but not to pirating. Riiiight.

Do you actively believe that morality is "mix and match what suits you" or is that just an implicit practice?

Of course I don't believe that morality is whatever suits you. Morality includes property rights, but I do not think the moral rights of the creator of some intellectual property, once his creation is released to the world, extend as far as to be able to impose arbitrary conditions on it. A creator is free to keep his creations private, but once he releases his creation to the market (presumably with the goal of gaining fame and/or profit), the market has a say too.

But your previous posts say that you don't buy it because it's too difficult to do so. Which one is it?

I don't see how my posts contradict each other. I do not think "buy an optical drive, pay through the nose and wait a month for an imported CD to arrive" is a reasonable condition when the trivial alternative of pirating it exists. It's up to content creators to set saner conditions.

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